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Steve Bann - The Confidence Cycle

The Confidence Cycle:

Confidence is knowing you can do something based on past experience.

Confidence is based on having a good technique but many people think that if they can just get their technique right they will be confident.

Once you get the technique right your level of confidence increases but it is still often short of where it could be.

After technique we move onto skill.

Skill is hitting lots of different shots with that technique different lies, uphill, down hill, all trajectories in different weather conditions and finding out what your technique can and can't do.

Based on this your confidence increase even more but you still won't be totally confident until you can test it. Testing it is the key and many golfers don't want to test it because this is where the ego can take a bashing as try find out how bad they really are.

Confidence is I have the technique I have practised the skill now I'm going to test it.

The testing is going through the full Pre- shot routine and not leaving until obtained a certain level. Ie I'm going to hit three shots in a row between those two post and not allowed to leave until achieve.

No mystery why Gary Player became the best bunker player in history set a target that he couldn't leave the bunker until he had holed 2 shots.

Vital regularly testing technique and skill putting it under some competitive stress so when get out on golf course level of confidence is based on what know can do Vs some one who has just got good technique.

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