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Nick Faldo on Pitching

1. Want ball to roll more on a pitch work right hand over the left through impact. If want more backspin work right hand under left. 2. On Standard pitch shots Faldo likes to make a 3/4 swing controling the acceleration through the ball with the rotary motion of the body.

3. If you can learn to control the length of your swing with the rotary motion of your body the ability to gauge distance and trajectory will improve dramaticaly. The only other factor is the force right arm straightens into ball. 4. Faldos wedge Distances 49* full goes 125, 10.30(120) 53* full goes 110, 10.30(105) 60* full goes 75, 10.30(70) 5. Faldo's favourite attacking wedge distance was 105 yards. Out on course short par 4 works out how far have to hit shot to leave self 105. Similary Par 5 if can't reach in two looks to leave self 105. 6. The methods Nick uses to hit in between distances:

1. Easiest gripping down, 1/2/3 inchs. Then make normal swing. As does this also progressively narrows stance, but makes normal swing. 2. More advance technique: Gauges length of shots and vary spin on ball with speed of delivery through impact. In a nut shell ability to control acceleration through the ball is the key to a good short game. 7. Listen to the sound of the ball makes coming off the face of the club and learn to associate certain sounds with certain types of shots.

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