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Tommy Armour - 6 Distinguishing Features of Great Players.

Distinguising features of great players:

1. Simplicity, concentration, Economy of time. 2. It is not solely the capacity to make great shots that makes a champion but the essential quality of making very few bad shots. Your note that what distinguishes the winner is that he made fewer bad strokes than the rest. The secret that the way to win was by making fewer bad shots. 3. Two rules apply for 99% a.Play the shot you've got the greatest chance of playing well b.Play the shot that makes the next shot easier. 4. Play to strengths avoid weaknesses: You need a tactical plan that fits your game. 5. When you miss a shot never think what you did wrong, cone up to the next shot thinking of what you must do right. 6. Make up your mind before you hit the shot and then let your muscles do the work.

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