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Titleist Custom Fitting

Titleist is the leader in custom fit clubs. The Philosophy of Titleist custom fitting takes into consideration each golfers unique swing and ball flight variables resulting in longer and straighter shots.  


1. Analysis of Current Equipment 


Frequency analysis of the clubs shaft (flex) and establishing the current swing weight, lie, loft and grip thickness.

2. Data Collection  

Using Titleist sure fit system and Trackman 4 for a full analysis of the swing and club/ball flight data is established.

Trackman Image Inside.jpg

3. Testing 


Based on the data collected it is now important to test different shaft and head options to find the best combination for each golfer.

4. Recommendations


Simple effective recommendations will be set out which may only result in a small modification of the current set or a larger comprehensive change to include the shaft models and heads.

Postal Boxes

5. Delivery


Orders are shipped directly to the customers address from Titleist

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