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Luke Donald: 9 Course Management Tips.

1. Works out yardage to landing spot on green not to the flag. Often the green is very firm so may pitch shot at 140 yards knowing it will bounce and roll to 150 yards. Vice versa may want to hit it a yardage past the flag intedning the ball to spin back. 2. Plan for round: Before you play you should know the prevailing wind direction, type of sand, type of grass fairway, type of green. Accurate yardages. Most of all a sound strategy requires intimate knowledge of playing abilities. Exact distance how far hit the ball, the shots you are best at and the shots you are less comfortable with. 3. Need to know at what height the ball travels with different clubs. 4. Must know distance can generate from fairway bunkers and rough. Do simple test ball off fairway ball out of bunker compare difference in distance. 5. You should also take into account your form of the day before making you strategy. Plan to play within your limits. 6. Should stick to game plan to 15th or 16th then it maybe time to gamble. 7. Must calculate the climate conditions into your game. Altitude and air humidity when are dryer ball will travel further. 8. Research the course designer what sort of course is he known for? Characteristics they tend to build in. 9. Always work from pin backwards not the green important! there is always one ideal angle of attack which will get you there safely and close to the flag.

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