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Spine Angle Analysis of P.G.A Tour Players at setup and Impact.

Below is a list of certian P.G.A Tour players I have analysed to see how much the spine angle changed from address to impact. The average amateur often struggles with the spine at impact raising relative to where it was at address. What you will see with the best players in the world is the opposite pattern.

I have used a - to indicate a lowering in degrees and a + to indicate a raising in angle.

Ian Poulter: Reduces by -6* from 50 to 44(Hybrid) Justin Rose: -2* from 51 to 49 (Hybrid) Darren Clarke: -2* from 46 to 44 (Hybrid) Padraig Harrington: -3* 56 to 53 (driver) Mike Weir -2* 53 to 51 (driver) Steve Elkington 0* 47 to 47 (driver) Tiger Woods -4* 45 to 41 (driver) Stuart Appleby 0* 49 to 49. (Driver) Stuart Appleby -2* 49 to 47 (iron) Adam Scott -2* 46 to 44(hybrid) Fred Funk -1* 48 to 47 (iron) Lukke Donald 0* 50 to 50 (driver) Nick Faldo -2* 41 to 39 (iron) Ernie Els 0* 48 to 48 (driver) For the players that I looked at on Average the Spine Angle reduces by -2 * from Setup to Impact and I could find no one where the spine angled increased from setup to impact.

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