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Pete Cowan - 3 Bunker Play Tips.

1. Bunker Setup:

Doesn't like to stand too open, just slightly left of the target line places left front foot 60 degrees open and points left knee at the left toe. Likes to lower into shot, knee flex nearly matches the shaft angle at address.

Sets up work station puts in target line then a 90 degree line for ball position, believes ball should be off left heel then a foot line just a little left. Swing path slightly left to target line but only slightly left.

2. Grip:

Believes in the butterfly grip for bunker shots, specialist shot so need specialist grip. Very strong left hand very weak right hand, believes in grip as makes it so much easier to keep the loft and the bounce on the club through out the shot.

3. Plugged Lie

Sharpest part of the club on the wedge is the heel, will lower the club so the heel hits the sand first, tries to get really steep the heel cuts and holds the loft on the club head, abbreviated follow through reduces the amount of force behind the shot allows them to come out softly.

If want really soft as dig lifts arms a bit takes the pressure out of the shot. Lifts arm a bit.

Have bounce reduced at heel allow you to lower hands and play shots easier off dead pan. etc. A c grind offers this as told by Roger Clevland.

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