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1. Bunker Setup:

Doesn't like to stand too open, just slightly left of the target line places left front foot 60 degrees open and points left knee at the left toe. Likes to lower into shot, knee flex nearly matches the shaft angle at address.

Sets up work station puts in...

While I was coaching one of my students Steven Tiley at the KLM Open this year we got the chance to spend some time with Brett Rumford. Brett is known to have one of the best short games in the world if not the best and is great at explaining his methods.

Read below to...

The Confidence Cycle:

Confidence is knowing you can do something based on past experience.

Confidence is based on having a good technique but many people think that if they can just get their technique right they will be confident.

Once you get the technique right your le...

Below is a list of certian P.G.A Tour players I have analysed to see how much the spine angle changed from address to impact. The average amateur often struggles with the spine at impact raising relative to where it was at address. What you will see with the best playe...

1. Want ball to roll more on a pitch work right hand over the left through impact. If want more backspin work right hand under left.

2. On Standard pitch shots Faldo likes to make a 3/4 swing controling the acceleration through the ball with the rotary motion of the...

1. Tour pro misses 70/80 % of putts on the low side.

2. The Average player only sees a third of the break.

3. Very few putts are totally straight 98% of putts will break.

4. The more break in the putt the more likely it is too miss the hole below the cup.

5. If you...

1. Works out yardage to landing spot on green not to the flag. Often the green is very firm so may pitch shot at 140 yards knowing it will bounce and roll to 150 yards. Vice versa may want to hit it a yardage past the flag intedning the ball to spin back....

1. The more you know about a particular course, your true opponent the better chance of making correct offensive and defensive moves, minimising mistakes and thus winning.

2. Jack Nicklaus carries a memo pad to jot down important notes. To use in tournament
he marks c...

Distinguising features of great players: 

1. Simplicity, concentration, Economy of time.

2. It is not solely the capacity to make great shots that makes a champion but the essential quality of making very few bad shots.

Your note that what distinguishes the winner i...

I took lessons with Michael Walker for three years on short game. Michael has worked for many years as Pete Cowans assistsant but also coaches many top players in his own right to include Matt Fitpatrick. Below aremy notes from an old lesson with Michael.

1. Practice...

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