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The Victoria Institute of Sport and The Bann Lynch Golf Academy

In 2011 I spent the winter playing in Australia and based myself in Melbourne. While there I took lessons at the Bann Lynch Academy based at Yarra Bend. My main reason for going there was that its founders Steve Bann and Dale Lynch had established a golf program at the Victoria Institute of Sport which produced more P.G.A tour players than any other program of its kind. Graduates include Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, Jeff Ogilvy, Brett Rumford and many more. In this Blog I am going to share some of my notes which I took while there.

Improvement Cycle Vs Reactive cycle

The coaching system is based on a one month improvement cycle, it was explained to me that many players go wrong when they make changes based on reacting to a score, shot or event rather than ....

1. Assessing what needs to be worked on with the coach

2. Setting some realistic and achievable goals

3. Carrying out specific tasks and drills

4. Re-evaluate.

Improvement cycles will vary from player to player some will prefer a shorter cycle while others a little longer depending on a number of variables.

The Confidence Cycle

Many players confidence is based on having good technique this is often called ''swing confidence'' golfers relying solely on swing confidence think that if they can just get their technique right they will be more confident.

As technique improves your level of confidence will increase but it is still often short of where it could. Once the base technique is established we must move onto skill, this is the ability to hit lots of different shots with that technique off different lies, slopes, creating different trajectories in different weather conditions. Based on what your technique can and can't do confidence will either increase or decrease. If the new found competence results in better shot making skills confidence will be improved but you still won't be totally confident until you can test it.

Testing is the final stage but often missed as this is where ego can be effected. Bann describes building confidence as ''I have the technique, I have practised the skill now I'm going to test it.'' During testing you should go through your full Pre- shot routine and not leave until a certain level is achieved. Gary Player used to hit bunker shots and wouldn't leave the bunker until he had holed 2 shots.

Regularly working on skill and testing technique by placing it under competitive stress will allow confidence to be based on results.

I hope these thoughts help


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