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Paul Azinger: 3 Drills To Stop Hooking

Paul Azinger played his whole career with an extremely strong grip and closed club face position at the top of his swing. When he learnt how to hit a power fade using a more open shoulder position at impact and reducing the amount of face rotation through the ball he became a very successful player winning twelve P.G.A tour events and the P.G.A Championship.

Paul Azinger thoughts on Pulling the ball or Pull Hooks '' When players are hooking or pulling it usually down to excessive face rotation through impact''.

Azinger: Top Three Drills to Stop a Hook

1. ''Hit balls letting go at impact with your right hand, often the club face closes at impact due to the right arm dominating too much.''

2. ''Practice with a double overlap Jim Furyk grip, this takes the right hand out of the swing.'' In this grip the ring finger overlaps the index finger of the opposite hand with two fingers overlapping the other hand instead of the usual one.

3. Feel the knuckles of the lead hand point to sky at impact as the chest keeps moving through.

If you feel your club face is closing too much at impact why not give Paul Azinger drills ago.

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