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Nick Price Keys to Great Bunker Play

In this blog I am going to share my notes from 2004 from an old short game video on bunker play with Nick Price.

1. ''Good bunker players take a very shallow divot''

2. ''Too many players get the club digging into the sand, they don't get the club open enough in the backswing and then release the club incorrectly in the downswing''

3. ''It is important to keep the clubface open throughout the downswing and impact so the bounce of the club can be used.''

4. ''The shallower the amount of sand you take the more spin created''

Nick Price described his feelings in the bunker as standing a little open at address and then the club really rotating open from half way back in the backswing, slaping the sand with the right hand through impact. Luke Donald one of the best bunker players in the world describes very similar feelings.

There are lots of ways to play bunker shots but I would certainly consider Nick Price thoughts next time your in a bunker.

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