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Looking off the Ball in the Golf Swing

There is one universal peace of advice that most club golfers can't resist inflicting onto their playing partners and that is keep your head down. This swing advice seems the fix for pretty much every bad shot. Most advanced level players understand that keeping the head down is some what undesired and once they have hit the shot allow the head to release freely.

Few even advanced players however really understand the importance of this move and the effect it can have on ball flight. An inhibited head movement in the follow through restricts shoulder rotation, weight transfer and then ultimately club path through impact. It will also effect the release of the forearms and club head. Jim Mclean and Hank Haney are usually rated in the top five coaches in America check out their thoughts.

Jim McLean : '' Many top players never see the ball at impact or even in the downswing. Players that do this include - Annika Sorenstam, David Duval, Jim furyk, Steve Elkington and Paul Azinger. You must almost consciously look up at the target quickly after impact or risk hanging on the right side too long and restricting the movement of the body.

Hank Haney : ''I Worked on with Tiger to look up very quickly almost before he hit the shot like David Duvual and Annika Sorenstam. Releasing the head early really helps to stop the body from working underneath and back in the downswing.'' (Excerpt from The Big Miss)

Haney went on to state that a lot of good drivers of the ball tend to look up very early including Joe Durant the perennial leader of driving accuracy and greens in regulation. It is certainly a move I have observed in Tiger and Adam Scott, next time you go to the range it may be something worth baring in mind.

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