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Steve Stricker thoughts on Wedge Shots

1. A Key trait to a good wedge player is quiet lower body motion through the entire swing, with the arms almost accelerating past the trunk and lower body in the downswing pulling the upper body through.

Stricker Just feels rotate forearms back and then re-rotates way down. 2. The Legs should have nice soft quiet look to them the hips don't fire quickly knees are still square at delivery position, shoulders are then square at impact but hips and upper body match up quickly past the ball unlike the full swing. Nice full shoulder turn by the time club has reached half way through. Leading edge club head points straight down by time reaches half way through 3. Should finish nice and wide and balanced at finish. 4. From Down the line draw line down the back knee, either knee should never cross this line at any point in a wedge shot right foot should be very quiet at impact and past the ball even on full wedge or sand wedge right heel should never make it all the way through fully up onto toe. Rotation happens over centre of feet doesn't make it to the toes. If the knees drive too much towards the ball or the feet come up too much the chest will back up too much at impact causing fats and thins. 5. If playing into the grain - effective way to play lift heel of club off ground by raising the hands do on pitch shots as well will create less resistance between the club and ground as less club is in contact with ground and allow you to play softer pitches from these thatchy lies.

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