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CHIP MATT focuses on the most important position in the golf swing which is impact. You only have to watch a P.G.A. or L.P.G.A. event to see that no two swings are the same but all great golfers are similar when they make contact with the ball. CHIP MATT promotes centre contact between the ball and the club, a downward strike with the appropriate shaft angle. It will improve every golfers short game and pitching from a complete beginner to touring professional.


  • Develops the most important part of the swing: IMPACT

  • Markings focus club alignment for address and impact.

  • Improves ball-striking consistency, distance and precision.

  • Ensures ball then ground contact with the low point of the swing after the ball.

  • Allows golfers to develop their ideal Angle of Attack for the short game

  • Durable and flexible material rolls up easily to fit into golf bag

  • Small size and light weight: 12 x 14 cm / 12 grams.

  • For right hand or left hand use.


The CHIP MATT has been vigorously tested with High Speed Video and Trackman 4 to ensure that ideal contact will be made between the club and ball when the template is missed and contact with the ground occurs. The best short game players on average have an Angle of Attack of -5.5 degrees when hitting shots inside of 100 yards. The CHIP MATT ensures a minimum  AOA (Aangle of Attack) of -5 degrees.


The Chip Matt is currently being used by professionals on the European Tour, European Challenge Tour, Nordea Tour, Europro Tour and the KLPGA Tour.

Chipping practice with Chip Matt

European Tour player Steven Tiley, with

European Challenge Tour player Craig Farley

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