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1. Putting Green: Starts with 15 minutes putting.

2. Range: Sand wedge, 8 iron, 4 iron, 3 wood, driver, 8 iron and sand wedge.

3.  Whatever club going to hit on first tee. Would make sure he ended on a good one....

Biggest mental keys over the years:

1. BELIEF: You must believe your going to be successful, hit good shots and believe the round will turn round after a bad start. You want a relentless belief in your self.

2. DON'T CARE: Caring is a problem in golf. Dar...

When chipping off very firm lies with little grass underneath the ball raise the heel of the club off ground and hit the chip a little out of the toe. 

A good practice is to chip and pitch off the edge of a green, the green keeper won't be to happy but it really k...

1. From the fringe Jim Furyk tries to play the shot as near to a putt as possible with the ball in the middle of narrow stance.

2. Shaft is upright at address similar position to putter, grips down to point with different clubs where length of putter would be. So...

Mickelsons Thoughts on the lob Shot:

 1. Weight forward, club face wide open, if release club head like bunker shot sole will start adding bounce and the leading edge will come off the ground and will blade shot.

2. Have to make sure left arm and club are accelerating...

1. Geoff Ogilvy spends a lot of time pitching and on the short game.

2. He doesn't hit loads of balls as likes to do a lot of the work on the course in the form of practice rounds.

3. Tends to do practice in morning and then plays in afternoon a lot of short game in...

1. The steeper you swing on the ball the more the face angle will determine where the ball goes.

2. From a wet lie or rough the ball will start pretty much at a right angle to the club face.

3. The Ball will always start in between the path of the club and the angle...

1. A Key trait to a good wedge player is quiet lower body motion through the entire swing, with the arms almost accelerating past the trunk and lower body in the downswing pulling the upper body through.

Stricker Just feels rotate forearms back and then re-rotates way...

1. Chipping is when the ball spends more time rolling than in flight. Believed only use hinge never a set for these shots clubs PW-5 iron.

2. Pitching just use momentum force don't need to add extra force.

3. Pitch spend more time in flight that rolling need some coc...

When Tom Kite has 40 yards from rough he will play shot as if 10-12 yards further due to the grass slowing the club down, apart from that the technique stays the same.

Chipping when ever possible tries to get ball to react like under arm throw with no spin uses 6 or...

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Welcome to my Golf Instruction Blog

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